My son got in trouble at school for ‘ruining’ Christmas for the other kids

A mum felt it was time to tell her son that Santa isn’t real, but it didn’t go as expected as the child got upset then proceeded to tell the other children at school

A mum landed her son in hot water after telling him that Santa isn’t real – as the child went on to tell all the kids at school and got in trouble with his teachers.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her seven-year-old son was asking questions about Christmas and she decided that it was probably time he learned the truth.

But he didn’t take it well and became visibly upset, before eventually calming down and internalising the news – which he then felt it was his duty to share with other kids at school.

He returned home the next day and explained to his mum that he got in trouble with his teacher after telling all the other children that Santa was a hoax, and that the Christmas letters around his classroom were actually written by the staff.

Taking to Reddit, she said: “My son is about to be eight and I decided that he’s too old to believe in this Santa s**t, I figured it was just kinda time.

“We were talking about Santa and I was like, ‘well it wouldn’t be that bad if I was pretending to be Santa all these years. I get to eat the cookies you make and I get so happy to see how happy you guys are on Christmas morning.”

The woman said that eventually she managed to convince her son that Santa isn’t real, and although he was angry for a while he soon calmed down – but things soon took a turn for the worst.

She said how her son returned home from school and said: “Mum, I got in trouble today cause my friend and I were talking about Santa and my teacher told me to stop talking cause we were saying how he isn’t real, and I pointed out how ‘Santa’s note’ to my teacher looked just like my teacher’s handwriting.”

She continued: “I f****d up. My son is not innocent and he’s causing anarchy in his class and it’s all my fault.”

Other Reddit users were quick to comment on the post, saying that the mum could have delivered the news in a nicer way.

One wrote: “A friend of mine let her daughter believe well into middle school and when the daughter found out, she wasn’t mad that Santa wasn’t real, she was upset because her mother lied to her for so long.”

And another said: “I think I’ve read some stuff about transitioning kids who do believe into knowing – like when they start to ask questions you tell them that it’s smart they have questions.

“Or you could do it this way and shatter their faith in anything.”