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BIOTROHN®, has the advantage that comes ready to operate without needing to know how to program, of very simple and effective use.


In the BIOTROHN® there are more than 135 Pathology blocks with more than 740 frequencies programmed as pre-selection of variable micro-voltage frequencies that the BIOTROHN® automatically activates in a preselected sequence.





• List of pathologies ordered by program number:


General Illnesses






Detox / Lymph

Chronic / Various




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Manual of Use - Biotrohn ®

(Program from 01 to 27)

(Program from 28 to 39)

(Program from 40 to 54)

(Program from 55 to 72)

(Program from 73 to 78)

(Program from 79 to 84)

(Program from 85 to 91)

(Program from 92 to 127)

(Program from 128 to 135)

Programas-Biotrohn Manual-Biotrohn

BIOTROHN® fully complies with all conditions of electrical equipment powered by batteries, in particular EN 61326-1ed 2: 2013.


Checked by the Institute of Electro technical testing, Prague.


The resulting tests are in the test-report No .: 602045-01 / 01 of: 18.05.2016


The power supply complies with the requirements of:

CSN EN 61326-1ed 2: 2013


Declaration of conformity CE: