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Medalab Research S.L. Is a new pharmaceutical development company specializing in developing products based on the properties of oxidizers / reducers and dedicated to developing innovative solutions in the healthcare field.


Medalab has the deep desire to help heal. Why? Well, only in this way will we be able to get real happiness for the patients and for ourselves as well.


The research is focused on "niche products" which are not of interest to the large pharmaceutical industries, but at the same time they are really necessary and lucrative at the same time.


Due to our knowledge we are able to achieve exceptional results.


Medalab is a newcomer and has solutions to severe diseases that work.


We want to spread these new developments regardless of the ability to approve "patents / licenses" and other financial issues that make it difficult for people to be saved.


Medalab is a group of scientists, chemists, and physicians who address our goal of creating new products with therapeutic success.


Creating a new medication is not an easy task; it is not so much as finding the cure, how difficult it is to be able to go through all clinical test phases.


These tests have been much harder to do because of the high cost of fees and fees that must be paid to obtain a license.


This makes it impossible for a newcomer to succeed even if he had found the best medical product in the world.


The market is mainly in the hands of a few multinational pharmaceutical companies that because of their financial capabilities are able to pay the high cost of R & D the "patent-license" of the product. Wellness and ethics need to be restored in this world and we can start right now.

Who developed the Biotrohn ®?

Developed by: Medalab Research S.L. & Andreas Kalcker

We are very grateful for a new medical discovery that has come to be part of our reality.


At Medalab we continually strive to improve, understand and develop.


Sharing our knowledge and helping others is the basis of our actions and our business.


We want to help heal people where others cannot