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BIOTROHN® is currently the world's leading variable frequency generator with ultra precise tuning of only one thousandth of hertz, as well as the frequency and band range of 1Hz - 900,000Hz, depending on its programming.


What is unique about BIOTROHN® is that it is possible to select in a pre-selection several frequencies that correspond to different diseases and that are activated automatically without the assistance of health personnel.


The single output signal consists of several composite signals, developed and programmed by Medalab Research S.L.


These are the main advantages of the BIOTROHN® device that have no other accessible devices, since it is a complex native programming of control microprocessors, in conjunction with the BIOTROHN® software, firmware and hardware.


BIOTROHN® is currently the world's leading variable frequency generator with ultra precise tuning of only one thousandth of hertz, as well as the frequency and band range of 1Hz - 900,000Hz, depending on its programming.


We hope that this device will be a satisfactory and effective contribution to your therapeutic treatments.


Complies with CE regulations


EN 61326-1ed 2: 2013.

Test report: 602045-01 / 01 from: 05/18/2016

CSN EN 61326-1ed 2: 2013

What is Biotrohn? ®

Software technology developed by Medalab Research SL.


Medalab presents the new version of the BIOTROHN® device, it has the advantage that it comes ready to operate without having to know how to program, of very simple and effective use.


In the new BIOTROHN® there are more than 135 Pathology blocks with more than 740 frequencies programmed as pre-selection of variable micro-voltage frequencies that the BIOTROHN® automatically activates in a preselected sequence.

The  basic principle of the Microcurrents


Since the 1970s, many medical studies have focused on the biophysical aspect of body cells and the use of electric currents to stimulate healing reactions. The electrical current used in the therapy with variable frequencies of microcurrent is considerably lower than in any previous class of electrotherapy, using resonance as the main factor and that is the key to its effectiveness. Biological compatibility with these weak current frequencies has been achieved to emulate the normal functioning of the body so that the repair response in the tissues is triggered and improved. The common electrical impulses of the cells are restored, consequently, the pain is calmed and repair begins.


Microcurrents are low-intensity electrical currents that resemble the body's natural current. Microcurrent therapy uses pulsating electric currents of extremely low voltage to calm the pain and stimulate recovery. The properties and potential scope of applications in helping to recover health, rehabilitation of muscle against muscular degeneration, and many other pathologies with surprising results are demonstrated and accepted.


Microcurrents are accredited by hundreds of medical studies, and this technology can benefit and support us as health professionals. The intended use for microcurrents as support in treatments is to allow the practitioner to have a more powerful and effective tool that will help in the battle against aging and disease. Most microcurrent applications and their results, whether medical or aesthetic, are based on the same mechanisms of action, including:


Therapeutic treatments with variable frequencies of microcurrent:


• Increased circulatory benefits: lymphatic and blood.

• Muscle re-education.

• Iontophoresis.

• Increased natural production of collagen and elastin.

• Promotes the rapid enzymatic degradation of the biochemical and inflammatory mechanisms, besides stimulating the cumulative effects of repair and regeneration, electroanalgesia is achieved between 5-8 minutes of application.

• Increased protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and membrane transport.

• Increased mitochondrial activity, ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

• Hardened collagen dispersion.

• Low voltage, symmetrical biphasic waveform, pulsed stimulation in milliamperes

• They are dosed at subsensory, submitious or subliminal levels with rapid health responses that are believed to work in a similar way to the bioendogenic electricity of the body.

• Helps in the synthesis of proteins and the removal of wastes in the body.



Safety & Warnings


Microcurrent therapy is considered safe for people of all ages, but should not be used for those who have pacemakers intolerable to magnetic fields. Although the current intensity used in microcurrent devices is very low, there are some possible contraindications to take into account. This includes pacemakers, epilepsy, pregnancy, phlebitis, thrombosis and coronary metal implants. To date, no significant side effects have been reported for this type of treatment, but there are no known safety concerns.


Doctors and therapists are the ones who routinely apply microcurrent therapy.


After the first treatment many times a noticeable difference can be seen, although the benefits of the microcurrents are cumulative and, therefore, the treatments are realized in a series of sessions to obtain the maximum results. The sessions usually last 60 minutes according to the program that indicates the end with three beeps. The intensity and frequency of the sessions depend on the patient's condition.


It is important to prepare the skin before treatment by cleaning it only with water-based products, since oil-based products will prevent the correct passage of variable frequencies of microcurrents.


How do variable frequencies of microcurrents work?



To understand what happens at the physical level in cells, it is necessary to make an introduction of what happens at the cellular level. The molecules that make up the cells are composed of atoms that in turn have electrons that vibrate to certain frequencies.


The individualized and specific vibrational characteristic of each atom passes to each molecule that makes up each cell until it reaches each type of tissue. Each pathogen in the organism thus has its specific frequencies that when it enters into resonance with the variable frequencies of microcurrent is saturated and perishes.


The effect of the stimulation of variable frequencies of microcurrent acts where the body's own electric current fails, since the electricity takes the road that has less resistance. By normalizing cellular electrical activity, the inflammation is reduced and the glycogen produced by the cells increases. Healthy cellular metabolism creates a healthy, painless internal environment.


In terms of penetration, the variable frequencies of microcurrents offer a specific iontophoresis that allows a greater penetration into the skin. The idea that the electric current emits from one point and returns to another makes it concentrate through resonance increasing penetration, against traditional methods that send unnecessary high electrical currents throughout the body to achieve such a simple task.


Thanks to the resonance of microcurrent frequencies, results can be obtained in depth. The speed with which these changes are seen varies from patient to patient. Some patients may experience a noticeable change immediately after treatment. In other patients, changes are experienced within 24 hours of treatment. The changes are appreciated progressively. In patients with chronic conditions, the positive results usually start after the sixth treatment session, with the variable frequencies of microcurrent.












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