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It is an artefact imported from Europe and endorsed by the EC (European Commission), and in turn the electronic function has a 2 year warranty.


BIOTROHN® It is a variable voltage micro voltage electrical signal generator with the possibility of fluid change of the frequency for laboratory purposes and therapeutic aid in medical treatments, produced by:


Medalab Technologies.




• Increased circulatory benefits: lymphatic and blood.

• Muscle re-education.

• Iontophoresis.

• Increased natural production of collagen and elastin.

• Promotes the rapid enzymatic degradation of the biochemical and inflammatory mechanisms, besides stimulating the cumulative effects of repair and regeneration, electroanalgesia is achieved between 5-8 minutes of application.

• Increased protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and membrane transport.

• Increased mitochondrial activity, ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

• Hardened collagen dispersion.

• Low voltage, symmetrical biphasic waveform, pulsed stimulation in milliamperes

• They are dosed at subsensory, submitious or subliminal levels with rapid health responses that are believed to work in a similar way to the bioendogenic electricity of the body.

• Helps in the synthesis of proteins and the removal of wastes in the body.


What is unique about BIOTROHN® is that it can be selected in a preselection several tens or hundreds of frequencies that will be automatically activated one by one, without the assistance of health personnel.

Terapeutics Benefits of Biotrohn ®

BIOTROHN® fully complies with all conditions of electrical equipment powered by batteries, EN 61326-1ed 2: 2013.


Checked by the Institute of Electro technical Testing in Prague.


The resulting tests are in the test-report N:

602045-01 / 01 of: 05/18/2016


The power supply complies with the requirements of:

CSN EN 61326-1ed 2: 2013

The single output signal consists of several composite signals, developed and programmed by Medalab Research. These are the biggest advantages of the BIOTROHN® device, which has no other artifacts, as it is a complex programming of control microprocessors, in conjunction with the software, firmware and hardware of the BIOTROHN® device.


BIOTROHN® Complies with CE or European Conformity regulations; Mark for certain groups of services or industrial products.


It is based on directive 93/68 / EEC. It was established by the European Community and is the testimony by the manufacturer that its product complies with the legal and technical requirements regarding safety in the Member States of the European Union.


BIOTROHN® fully complies with all electrical equipment conditions per battery.


Rehearsed by the Institute of Electrotechnical Testing in Prague. Manufactured by Z - Technology s.r.o. Zabèhlice 1455/43 Praha 4 141 00 Czech Republic, Software developed by Medalab Research S.L.


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